It’s Time to Stop Wrestling Your Garden Hose

Who says yardwork has to be work? The Aterod makes outdoor chores quick, easy and hassle-free.

If you’ve ever spent half your Saturday untangling the garden hose, you know why so many people hate working outside. Heavy, awkward and impossible to maneuver, rubber hoses turn simple tasks into all-day affairs.

Who We Are

Aterod is a small, privately owned global company which develops and manufactures outdoor, sport and garden products. We design to provide the ultimate solutions for user who looking for innovative, durable, lightweight and compact gear. Aterod is now sold in over 15 countries. Now more than ever, Aterod continues to research the best materials, production methods and ideas for new products keeping us at the forefront of bringing lighter, better made, better performing gear to our users around the world.

What We Do

Excellent products, high quality. Today, you are facing lots of choices when purchasing an item, but few stand the test of time. A lot of items are manufactured with cheap materials and in poor design. At Aterod, we design the best products only - classic, reliable, durable, and high quality. Through continuous innovation and careful engineering of every component, we provide our consumers with the best product at a reasonable price.